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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto
29-31 March 2010, Porto, Portugal

Monday, 29th March
13:30 Registration
14:00 Opening remarks
Session I - Chair: David Mota (Oslo)
14:20 Real Time Cosmology
Luca Amendola (Heidelberg)
14:40 The Dark Flow and the Upcoming Planck Data
Fernando Atrio-Barandela (Salamanca)
15:00 Nonlinear Structures in Interacting Dark Energy and Growing Neutrino Models
Marco Baldi (Munich)
15:20 3-form Cosmology
Nelson Nunes (Heidelberg)
15:40 Stirring the Primordial Soup
Johannes Noller (Imperial College)
16:00 Coffee break
Session II - Chair: Luca Amendola (Heidelberg)
16:30 The XCS - XMM Newton X-ray Survey
Pedro Viana (CAUP)
16:50 The dynamical evolution of Luminous Red Galaxies
Rita Tojeiro (Portsmouth)
17:10 Bayesian Cosmological Matter Field Reconstruction
Francisco Joyanes (Pisa)
17:30 Drag-Gravity Torques on Galaxies in Clusters
Alejandro Gonzalez-Sanchez (Zacatecas)
18:00 Planetarium Demo (in English)
19:00 Public Talk (in Portuguese)
Tuesday, 30th March
Session III - Chair: Fernando Atrio-Barandela (Salamanca)
09:00 New Constraints on Neutrino Mass and Dark Energy Equation of State
Alessandro Melchiorri (Roma)
09:20 Status of the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
Juan Pablo Gomez (Valencia)
09:40 The VLT Large Programme for Testing Fundamental Physics
Carlos Martins (CAUP)
10:00 New Constraints on Variations of the Fundamental Constants from CMB Anisotropies
Eloisa Menegoni (Roma)
10:30 Coffee break
Session IV - Chair: Jose Pedro Mimoso (FCUL)
11:00 Scalar Effective Field Theories of Inflation and Quintessence
Mar Bastero-Gil (Granada)
11:20 Can Renormalization Change the Observable Predictions of Inflation?
Gonzalo Olmo (Madrid)
11:40 Inflation in a General Reionization Scenario
Stefania Pandolfi (Roma)
12:00 On the Possibility of Braneworld Quintessential Inflation
Mafalda Dias (Sussex)
12:30 Lunch break
Session V - Chair: Alessandro Melchiorri (Roma)
15:00 Exact Scalar-tensor Cosmologies: Solutions, Asymptotic Behaviour and Dualities
Jose Pedro Mimoso (FCUL)
15:20 Holographic Dark Energy at the Ricci Scale
Diego Pavon (Barcelona)
15:40 Disformal Dark Energy and Disformal Quintessence
Miguel Zumalacarregui (Barcelona)
16:00 Non-Gaussianity from the Curvaton Model
Jose Fonseca (Portsmouth)
16:20 Electromagnetic Nature of Dark Energy - Theoretical Aspects
Jose Beltran (Madrid)
16:40 Electromagnetic Nature of Dark Energy - Cosmic Magnetic Fields
Antonio Lopez-Maroto (Madrid)
17:00 Coffee break
Session VI - Chair: Mar Bastero-Gil (Granada)
17:30 f(R) Brane Cosmology
Mariam Bouhmadi-Lopez (IST)
17:50 Cosmological Perturbations in f(R) Theories
Alvaro de la Cruz (Madrid)
18:10 Noncommutative Black Holes
Catarina Bastos (IST)
18:30 Models of Dark Energy Accretion Onto Black Holes
Daniel Guariento (Sao Paulo)
19:30 Departure for dinner
Wednesday, 31st March
Session VII - Chair: Nelson Nunes (Heidelberg)
09:00 Cosmology from the High-redshift 21cm Line
Mario Santos (IST)
09:20 Galaxy Clusters at Microwave Frequencies: Awaiting Planck
Antonio da Silva (CAUP)
09:40 MOND - Transition or Bust
Ali Mozzafari (Imperial College)
10:00 Astrophysical Constraints on Ungravity-inspired Models
Paulo Santos (Oslo)
10:30 Coffee break
Session VIII - Chair: Diego Pavon (Barcelona)
11:00 Testing the Kibble-Zurek Mechanism in Superconductive Analogs
Tom Girard (FCUL)
11:20 Can we Use GRBs to Measure the Cosmos?
Thulsi Wickramasinghe (New Jersey College)
11:40 A Causality Solution to the Homogeneity and Entropy Problems of Cosmology
Ettore Minguzzi (Firenze)
12:00 Can we Design a Simple Dark Energy Engine?
Aliya Merali (New Jersey College)
12:20 Closing remarks