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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto

23-25 September 2012, Porto, Portugal

List of posters

Astrophysical and cosmological consequences of modified gravity scenarios
Pedro Avelino
Gaia and the search for other planets: combining astrometry and radial velocity
Lisa Benamati
Environmental effects on HI and dust in Virgo cluster starforming dwarfs
Bruno Coelho
XIPE mission proposal
Rui M. Curado da Silva
Seismic diagnostics of the internal structure of 16 Cyg A and B
João Faria
Modern mathematical methods applied to the stellar modeling studies
João Fernandes
Type Ia Supernova Properties as a Function of the Distance to the Host Galaxy in the SDSS-II SN Survey
Lluis Galbany
Estimating visibility amplitudes with the prima fringe trackers
Nuno Gomes
Spectroscopic derivaton of the stellar surface gravity
Gerasim Khachatryan
Clustering properties of bulgeless galaxies: the AGN population
Elvira Leonardo
Experimental setup and readout electronics for a gamma ray prototype polarimeter
José Alfredo Marques
Euclid Mission: building of a Reference Survey
David Oliveira
Extremely metal-poor star-forming galaxies in the nearby Universe
Polychronis Papaderos
A simple model for the solar dynamo: parameters evolution since 1750 and solar cycle 24 prediction
Dário Passos
Age and mass determination for young low-mass stars
Ana Rei
Dust-unbiased star formation rates of Bulgeless Galaxies at Intermediate Redshifts
João Retrê
The nature of runaway stars far from the galactic plane
Manuel Silva
TMCalc - a code to quicly estimate Teff and [Fe/H] for solar-type stars
Sérgio Sousa
A new signature of primordial non-Gaussianities from the abundance of galaxy clusters
Arlindo Trindade

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