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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto
10-13 November 2014, Porto, Portugal


Survey status, spectral analysis techniques and calibrations
Early B-type benchmark stars for WG13
T. Morel
Preliminary GALAH abundances for monometallic globular clusters
J. Simpson
ARES v2 - New features and improved performance
S. Sousa
Spectroscopic Calibrations for a Better Characterization of Stars and Planets
G. Teixeira
Galactic Discs and Halo
Setting a base for further analysis of giant-planets properties orbiting evolved stars
V. Adibekyan
A Comparative flux density Study for free-free absorption in the radio spectra of luminous IRAS galaxies at 0.25 and 1 GHz
Y. Hafez
alpha-abundances of Metal-Poor Stars in the Milky Way halo
R. Jackson-Jones
Progresses on searching for chemical outliers in the Milky Way with LAMOST
H. Li
The metallicity distribution in GES iDR2 from a population synthesis analysis
A. Martins
Searching for new members of stellar kinematic groups: kine-chemical tagging FGK stars with GES/UVES data
D. Montes
Constraints on thin and thick disc formation from a new analysis of 2MASS and SDSS
A. Robin
Constraints from chemical evolution to extend a local disc model
J. Rybizki
Sodium and aluminum abundances in giants and dwarfs: implications for stellar and chemical evolution
R. Smiljanic
Bulge and Inner Galaxy
M dwarf in the b201 tile of the VVV survey: Colour-based selection, spectral types and light curves
B. Rojas-Ayala
Open Clusters: formation and evolution
Lithium abundances in NGC 2264 and NGC 2547
E. Franciosini
An extensive radial velocity survey toward NGC6253
M. Montalto
Major star-forming regions at the edges of the Long Bar
I. Negueruela
Stellar evolution
Li depletion in solar analogues with exoplanets
E. Delgado Mena
Stellar Abundances in the Thick Disk Globular Cluster NGC 5927
C. Muñoz
Can stellar activity mimic the signature of a blue sky features in exoplanets?
M. Oshagh