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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto
22-26 August 2011, Porto, Portugal


Second Order Gravitational Waves in Hilltop Type Inflation Models
Laila Alabidi
A note on the role of the boundary terms for the non-Gaussianity in general k-inflation
Frederico Arroja
Observational CMB predictions from warm inflation
Mar Bastero-Gil
A grazing ESP encounter during Inflation
Thorsten Battefeld
Projecting Constraints on Scale-Dependent Non-Gaussianity
Adam Becker
Stochastic growth of vector field condensates during inflation
Juan Carlos Bueno Sanchez
Black Hole Mechanics and Massive Gravity
Fabio Capela
The Expansion History of the Universe Unveiled with H II Galaxies
Ricardo Chavez
SIMPLE Dark Matter Search
Miguel Costa
Searching for Dark Matter: The LUX Experiment
Luiz de Viveiros
Inflation at the boundary of de Sitter
Mafalda Dias
The Overshoot Problem in Inflation after Tunneling
Koushik Dutta
Chaotic inflation in modified gravitational theories
Joseph Elliston
Semi-blind Analysis of Uncertainties in Recombination Histoy
Marzieh Farhang
Landscape Architecture
Jonathan Frazer
Estimating g_NL for Planck
Dominic Galliano
Quantum theory of fermion production after inflation
Daniil Gelfand
Classical Non-Gaussianity From Non-Linear Evolution of Curvature Perturbation
Jinn-Ouk Gong
Cosmological Perturbations in f(R) Gravity
Je-An Gu
Testing Spacetime Symmetries with CMB polarization data
Giulia Gubitosi
Inflation and Universe complexity
Philippe Journeau
The Curvature Perturbation from General non-Abelian Vector Fields
Mindaugas Karciauskas
Systematic analysis of leptogenesis in non-equilibrium QFT
Alexander Kartavtsev
Renormalised multi-field hybrid inflation
Nina Kevlishvili
Fine Features in the Primordial Power Spectrum
Kohei Kumazaki
Islands of Stability for Consistent Deformations of Einstein's Gravity
Florian Kühnel
Improved ISW effect detection through the CMB polarization assistence
Guo Chin Liu
Future deceleration due to effect of event horizon on backreaction from inhomogeneities
Archan S. Majumdar
The ANTARES neutrino telescope: status and results
Annarita Margiotta
The galaxy 3-point correlation function of WiggleZ galaxies
Felipe Marin Perucci
Gravitational Waves from Fermionic Preheating
Tuukka Meriniemi
Cosmological effects of decaying cosmic string loops with TeV scale width
Koichi Miyamoto
Observational Constraints on bulk viscous matter-dominated models
Ariadna Montiel
Conservation of the nonlinear curvature perturbation in generic single-field inflation
Atsushi Naruko
GPGPU Cosmological N-Body Particle-Particle Simulations
David Oliveira
Non-Gaussianity from the hybrid potential
Stefano Orani
Constraints on a f(R) gravity dark energy model with early scaling evolution
Chan-Gyung Park
Quantifying nonlinear contributions to the CMB bispectrum in Synchronous gauge
Guido Walter Pettinari
Warming up brane-antibrane inflation
Joao Rosa
Features in the primordial power spectrum from coherent scalar-field oscillations
Ryo Saito
Towards leptogenesis at NLO: the right-handed neutrino interaction rate
Alberto Salvio
Sneutrino Dark Matter: Symmetry Protection and Cosmic Ray Anomalies
Levent Selbuz
Observational constraints on scalar field models of dark energy with barotropic equation of state
Olga Sergijenko
CMB bispectrum of scalar, vector and tensor modes sourced from primordial magnetic fields
Maresuke Shiraishi
Bayesian reconstruction of the gravitational potential from weak lensing
Rafal Szepietowski
"Impact of Primordial Non-Gaussianities (fnl) on the effective dark energy equation of state."
Arlindo Trindade
Bispectra from two-field inflation using the long-wavelength formalism
Eleftheria Tzavara
Multi-fluid renormalized perturbation theory and massive neutrinos
Nicolas Van de Rijt
A Compelling Vector Curvaton Model and its distinct Observational Signatures.
Jacques Wagstaff
Utilizing Large-Scale Structure to Constrain Unstable Dark Matter
Mei-Yu Wang
Statistical Anisotropy from D-brane Inflation
Danielle Wills
"Modeling Phase Transitions in Dynamical Environments"
Daniel Yueker
Rees-Sciama effect and impact of foreground structures on galaxy redshifts
Hu Zhan