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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto
22-26 August 2011, Porto, Portugal

We use "SHUKO" power plugs. In practice these are the "same" as in Spain and Germany but are different from the French, US, UK and Italian ones. You can find some pictures of plugs at Powercords Online. You need to bring your own adapter/converter.

For any question or information please send e-mail to

In the following link you can find a map of the local area. Additional information, including Google maps and travel directions, are also available.
A detailed map with the location of the venues and other useful informations can be found here.

Since the meeting is at the University of Porto, the wireless EDUROAM service is available and has proved to be able to support the load of several hundred machines. We therefore encourage all participants to check if you are entitled to EDUROAM access. Note that you must enable the EDUROAM access at your local University. Please contact the sysadmins at your Universities for help.
Alternative arrangements will be made for participants without EDUROAM access.

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