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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto
28-30 Abril 2009, Vila Pouca da Beira, Portugal

Travel Directions

There are buses to conference venue from Porto and Lisboa. The company is Rede Nacional de Expressos

Bus tickets can be bought on-line or at the bus station. Prices are ~15 € from Porto and ~16 € from Lisboa. In some cases, a connection in Coimbra is necessary.

The bus direction is ‘Oliveira do Hospital’, and the stop for the Pousada is at ‘Vendas Galizes’ (the bus stops in front of ‘ Café Casa da Beira ’). It is approximately 2 km from here to the ‘Pousada de Vila Pouca da Beira – Convento do Desagravo’. Taxis are available at 'Vendas Galizes' bus station.

From Porto

The bus station in Porto is located at ‘Praça da Batalha’, the address is:
    Garagem Atlântico
    Rua Alexandre Herculano nº 366
    4000 Porto
    Tel: +351 222 052 459

From Porto the bus stops are: Porto – Coimbra – Moita Serra – Catraia Mouronho – Vendas Galizes – Oliveira do Hospital.

Schedule for Porto - > Vendas Galizes (184 km)

07h1510h3009h30 – Coimbra sunday and holiday monday to saturday if not holiday
09h3014h3013h30 - Coimbraexclude sunday and monday if is holiday
10h4514h3013h30 - Coimbramonda y to saturday
16h3019h1518h15 - Coimbradaily
18h0022h3021h30 - Coimbradaily

Schedule for Vendas Galizes - > Porto

08h0510h5509h30 - Coimbradaily
11h0515h2514h00 - Coimbradaily
16h1020h5519h30 - Coimbramonday to saturday if not holiday
18h1020h5519h30 - Coimbrasunday and holiday monday to friday

There are two options to travel between Porto airport and the downtown.
1- Metro. The metro station at the airport is located just in front of the arrival zone. The station closest to the bus station is ‘Bolhão’, which is on the same line (violet line). Journey time is 30 minutes, and there are trains every 20 minutes, the cost is ~2 €.

There is a 10-minute walk from ‘Bolhão’ to the bus station. A map with the itinerary is given below:

Note that the Metro works on an open system but controls are frequent. You need to be in possession of a validated ticket (tickets are validated before entering the train), otherwise you may be fined. For further details, see the Metro webpage.

2- Taxi. The costs are higher, ~40 €. The travel time depends strongly on the hour of the day. It may take longer than the subway during rush hours.

From Lisboa

The bus station in Lisboa is located at:
    Terminal Rodoviário de Sete Rios
    1500-423 Lisboa
    Tel: +351 707 223 344

From Lisboa the stops are: Lisboa – Fatima – Coimbra – Moita Serra – Catraia Mouronho – Vendas Galizes – Oliveira do Hospital.

Schedule for Lisboa - > Vendas Galizes (270 km)

07h0010h30 sunday and holiday monday to saturday if not holiday
10h3014h3013h30 - Coimbra monday to saturday
15h4519h15 daily
18h4522h30 daily

Schedule for Vendas Galizes - > Lisboa

08h0511h50 daily
11h0514h35 daily
16h1019h50 monday to saturday if not holiday
18h1021h35 sunday and holiday
18h1021h5019h30 - Coimbramonday to Friday sunday

See the journey from Lisboa Airport to the bus station in this link.