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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto
22 June 2010, Porto, Portugal

During the last decade the national community working in the general field of "Origin and Evolution of Stars and Planets" has seen a significant growth. However, this growth did not always have a correspondance in the level of contact between researchers in the different national institutions. As a consequence, the community is fragmented, not only physically but also in terms of research interests and competences.

The development of new instrumentation in the context of the ALMA and ELT projects is bringing major new astrophysical challenges in this field. To maximize our gain, it is extremely important to unite efforts and work as a team. A stronger connection between the different researchers involved is crucial.

In this 1-day workshop we propose to gather the members of the national community working in the fields related to the "Origin and Evolution of Stars and Planets". The goals are two-fold:

  • To make the community aware of the research done by the different colleagues,
  • To help find collaboration points within the community, both in the astrophysical context and in terms of astrophysical techniques and methods.

Registration is now closed.

Local Organizing Committee
Nuno C. Santos (Chair), Elsa Silva

Scientific Organizing Committee
Nuno C. Santos (CAUP, Chair), João Lin Yun (CAAUL), Alexandre Correia (U. Aveiro), João Lima (CAUP)