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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto
6-9 June 2011, Porto, Portugal

Up to now, more than 500 exoplanets have been discovered. Among them, about 130 are in planetary systems. About 50 mulitple-planet are known (with up to seven components), and as many as 30% of stars with planets might have at least one more planetary mass companion. These systems are crucial to provide constraints on the scenarii of planetary formation and evolution. Moreover, multiple systems provide important clues to the relative importance of several proposed mechanisms of dynamical interactions between forming planets, gaseous/planetesimal disks, and distant companion stars, and allow one to measure the likehood of formation and survival of terrestrial planets in the Habitable Zones of the parent star.

Each year, leading researchers, observers and theoricists, are brought together to discuss on planetary dynamics. This year the event will be held at CAUP in Porto.

This workshop will focus on the planetary systems discovered by the Kepler satellite.

Plenary sessions with general discussions will be in the morning and time in the afternoon is dedicated for collaboration work. No definite program is set yet.

A one-day trip in the Douro Valley on Friday 10 will be organized. The cost will be approximatively 50 euros (or less) with lunch, visit of a Quinta with wine degustation.
The idea is to be back in Porto around 18:00.

Isabelle Boisse
Gwenaël Boué
Pedro Figueira
Nuno Santos

Alexandre Correia (U. Aveiro)
Jacques Laskar (Obs. Paris)
Nuno Santos (CAUP)
Stéphane Udry (Obs. Genève)