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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto
Workshop on Physical Processes in Circumstellar Disks around Young Stars
18 to 23 September 2006, Vidago Palace - Portugal

Scientific Rational
Circumstellar disks surrounding pre-main-sequence stars across the mass spectrum are extremely rich astrophysical systems, and may now be probed by a wide variety of observational techniques. The radiation field from the central object influences their evolution, chemistry and geometry. The interaction of the disk and it's wind with the stellar magnetosphere and wind adds further complexity. The radiation field, protostellar wind, gravitational instabilities, and turbulent transport of angular momentum all affect the ability of the dust and gas to collect and form planets.

The extraordinary complexity of circumstellar disks has created a interdisciplinary field in which it has become increasingly important for researchers working on different aspects of the observations and theories to develop a more unified view. One of the goals of the workshop, therefore, is to facilitate a productive interaction between the different disciplines by devoting ample time to reviews that are both in-depth and pedagogical. The workshop will focus on the evolution of young disks from their formation through the initial stages of planet building and planet-gas interaction.

It is our goal to maximize the interaction between the attendants and to foster an atmosphere conducive to discussion. Ample free time will be available for this purpose, and contributed talks on open issues are especially encouraged.

Important dates
  • December 1st 2005
    First announcement
  • February 20th 2006
    Second announcement
  • March 31st 2006 (extended)
    Contributed talks/posters abstract submission deadline
  • April 1st 2006
    Notification of contributed speakers selected by SOC
  • April 30th 2006
    Reservation and registration closed, hotel is full.


Paulo Garcia, Antonella Natta

Scientific organizers
Steve Balbus, Ted Bergin, Nuria Calvet, Cathie Clarke, Richard H. Durisen, Paulo Garcia, Thomas Henning, David Hollenbach, Arieh Konigl and Antonella Natta