European Helio and Asteroseismology Network

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HELAS is a network funded by the European Union in its 6th Framework Programme (FP6) as a Co-ordination Action in the Helio- and Asteroseismology area of Astrophysics.

The mission of HELAS is to carry out networking activities amongst the European Helio- and Asteroseismology community to catalyse the mutual co-ordination and the pooling of resources in order to:

HELAS is a 4 years funded program, starting on 2006 April 1st.

This website provides data and documentation produced within the Global Helioseismology and Asteroseismology Network Activities (deliverables NA3-1 and NA5-2), namelly

Part of the activities at Porto have been funded under the contract POCI/V.5/B0094/2005 supported by FCT with funds from POCI2010.

These pages are under development as the activities progress. The latest changes are: