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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto
Associação Divulgadora of the Casa-Museu Abel Salazar
The mission of ADMAS is, together with the University of Porto, to promote the research, the study and the dissemination of Abel Salazar's scientific, phylosophic and artistic literary work.
CAUP is an Institutional Associate of ADMAS since 2010.
Creation of the Observatório Municipal da Ribeira Grande
The Fronteira Municipality, aiming to promote the studies and projects relevant to the building of the Observatory, established a protocol with CAUP in April of 2003, to provide the required scientific and formative support for the planning and installation of this scientific outreach facility in the Fronteira Municipality.
Câmara Municipal do Porto
The Câmara Municipal do Porto develops projects of social-educational nature in which CAUP has countless actions to promote scientific culture. Therefore, with the goal of cooperation on initiatives and activities developed by both partners in the fields of scientific outreach and education, a protocol of cooperation was signed between CAUP and the CMP in 27 of November, 2002.
Centro de Ciencia do Europarque - Visionarium
With the aim of developing joint activities, of mutual interest, on the grounds of scientific and tecnological outreach and education, a protocol was signed between CAUP and the Visionarium in 14 of July, 1999.
Planetário do Porto
For the construction and operation of the Planetarium, a device for promoting scientific culture among the population and especially among younger communities, a protocol was signed between the Ministério da Ciência e da Tecnologia, the Fundação Ciência e Desenvolvimento and CAUP on 24 of November, 1997. This protocol establishes the integration of the Porto Planetarium in the Ciência Viva Network (that was being created by the MCT at the time).
Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes - Canarias
A cooperation agreement was signed between the Universidade do Porto, the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC - UK) and the Nederlands Organisatie voor Wetenschappeliijk (Netherlands) in October 1997, providing CAUP researchers with guaranteed time of 28 nights per year at JKT and the option for competitive access to other telescopes of the group. In return CAUP ensures one resident astronomer at La Palma, integrated within the ING.