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Pedro Figueira

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Biographic notes
My research revolves around the detection of extrasolar planets using radial-velocity technique, the most efficient planetary detection method. I specialized in near-IR radial velocities and precision issues, and I work mostly on the development of pipelines for state-of-the-art and forthcoming spectrographs; yet my research interests span a wide range of sub-topics (from statistical methods to modelling).
Lastest CAUP publications
P. Figueira, M. Oshagh, V. Zh. Adibekyan, N. C. Santos, 2014,
Revisiting the correlation between stellar activity and planetary surface gravity,
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 572, A51_1-A51_9
A. S. Bonomo, A. Sozzetti, C. Lovis, L. Malavolta, K. Rice, L. A. Buchhave, D. Sasselov, A. Collier Cameron, D. W. Latham, E. Molinari, F. Pepe, S. Udry, L. Affer, D. Charbonneau, R. Cosentino, C. D. Dressing, X. Dumusque, P. Figueira, A. F. M. Fiorenzano, S. Gettel, A. Harutyunyan, R. D. Haywood, K. Horne, M. Lopez-Morales, M. Mayor, G. Micela, F. Motalebi, V. Nascimbeni, D. F. Phillips, G. Piotto, D. Pollacco, D. Queloz, D. Ségransan, A. Szentgyorgyi, C. A. Watson, 2014,
Characterization of the planetary system Kepler-101 with HARPS-N.
A hot super-Neptune with an Earth-sized low-mass companion
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 572, A2_1-A2_7
J. Lillo Box, D. Barrado-Navascues, T. Henning, L. Mancini, S. Ciceri, P. Figueira, N. C. Santos, F. J. Aceituno, S. F. Sánchez, 2014,
Radial velocity confirmation of Kepler-91 b. Additional evidence of its planetary nature using the Calar Alto/CAFE instrument,
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 568, L1_1-L1_4
M. Oshagh, N. C. Santos, D. Ehrenreich, N. Haghighipour, P. Figueira, A. Santerne, M. Montalto, 2014,
Impact of occultations of stellar active regions on transmission spectra
Can occultation of a plage mimic the signature of a blue sky?
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 568, A99_1-A99_6
P. Figueira, J. P. S. Faria, E. Delgado Mena, V. Zh. Adibekyan, S. G. Sousa, N. C. Santos, G. Israelian, 2014,
Exoplanet hosts reveal lithium depletion
Results from a homogeneous statistical analysis
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 570, A21_1-A21_6
X. Dumusque, A. S. Bonomo, R. D. Haywood, L. Malavolta, D. Ségransan, L. A. Buchhave, A. Collier Cameron, D. W. Latham, E. Molinari, F. Pepe, S. Udry, D. Charbonneau, R. Cosentino, C. D. Dressing, P. Figueira, A. F. Martinez Fiorenziano, S. Gettel, A. Harutyunyan, K. Horne, M. Lopez-Morales, C. Lovis, M. Mayor, G. Micela, F. Motalebi, V. Nascimbeni, D. F. Phillips, G. Piotto, D. Pollacco, D. Queloz, K. Rice, D. Sasselov, A. Sozzetti, A. Szentgyorgyi, C. A. Watson, 2014,
The Kepler-10 planetary system revisited by HARPS-N: A hot rocky world and a solid Neptune-mass planet,
The Astrophysical Journal, 789, 154_1-154_14
N. C. Santos, A. Mortier, J. P. S. Faria, X. Dumusque, V. Zh. Adibekyan, E. Delgado Mena, P. Figueira, L. Benamati, I. Boisse, D. Cunha, J. Gomes da Silva, G. Lo Curto, C. Lovis, J. H. C. Martins, M. Mayor, C. Melo, M. Oshagh, F. Pepe, D. Queloz, A. Santerne, D. Ségransan, A. Sozzetti, S. G. Sousa, S. Udry, 2014,
The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets.
XXXV. The interesting case of HD41248: stellar activity, no planets?
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 566, A35_1-A35_14
D. Cunha, N. C. Santos, P. Figueira, A. Santerne, J.-L. Bertaux, C. Lovis, 2014,
Impact of micro-telluric lines on precise radial velocities and its correction,
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 568, A35_1-A35_7
V. Zh. Adibekyan, J. I. González Hernández, E. Delgado Mena, S. G. Sousa, N. C. Santos, G. Israelian, P. Figueira, S. Bertrán de Lis, 2014,
On the origin of stars with and without planets
Tc trends and clues to Galactic evolution
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 564, L15_1-L15_6
H. Rauer, C. Catala, C. Aerts, T. Appourchaux, W. Benz, A. Brandeker, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, M. Deleuil, L. Gizon, M.-J. Goupil, M. Güdel, E. Janot-Pacheco, M. Mas-Hesse, I. Pagano, G. Piotto, D. Pollacco, N. C. Santos, A. Smith, J.-C. Suárez, R. Szabó, S. Udry, V. Zh. Adibekyan, Y. Alibert, J.-M. Almenara, P. Amaro-Seoane, M. Ammler-von Eiff, M. Asplund, E. Antonello, W. Ball, S. Barnes, F. Baudin, K. Belkacem, M. Bergemann, A. Birch, I. Boisse, A. S. Bonomo, F. Borsa, I. M. Brandão, E. Brocato, A. S. Brun, M. Burleigh, R. Burston, J. Cabrera, S. Cassisi, W. J. Chaplin, S. Charpinet, C. Chiappini, R. P. Church, Sz. Csizmadia, M. S. Cunha, M. Damasso, M. B. Davies, H. J. Deeg, F. de Oliveira Fialho, R. F. Díaz, S. Dreizler, C. Dreyer, P. Eggenberger, D. Ehrenreich, P. Eigmüller, A. Erikson, R. Farmer, S. Feltzing, P. Figueira, T. Forveille, M. Fridlund, R. A. García, G. Giuffrida, M. Godolt, J. Gomes da Silva, T. Granzer, J. L. Grenfell, A. Grotsch-Noels, E. Günther, C. A. Haswell, A. Hatzes, G. Hébrard, S. Hekker, R. Helled, K. Heng, J. M. Jenkins, A. Johansen, M. L. Khodachenko, K. G. Kislyakova, W. Kley, U. Kolb, N. Krivova, F. Kupka, H. Lammer, A. F. Lanza, Y. Lebreton, D. Magrin, P. Marcos-Arenal, P. M. Marrese, J. P. Marques, J. H. C. Martins, S. Mathis, S. Mathur, S. Messina, A. Miglio, J. Montalbán, M. Montalto, M. J. P. F. G. Monteiro, H. Moradi, E. Moravveji, C. Mordasini, T. Morel, A. Mortier, V. Nascimbeni, M. B. Nielsen, L. Noack, A. J. Norton, A. Ofir, M. Oshagh, R.-M. Ouazzani, P. I. Pápics, V. C. Parro, P. Petit, B. Plez, E. Poretti, A. Quirrenbach, R. Ragazzoni, G. Raimondo, M. Rainer, D. R. Reese, R. Redmer, S. Reffert, B. Rojas-Ayala, I. W. Roxburgh, S. K. Solanki, S. Salmon, A. Santerne, J. Schneider, J. Schou, S. L. Schuh, H. Schunker, A. Silva-Valio, R. Silvotti, I. Skillen, I. Snellen, F. Sohl, S. G. Sousa, A. Sozzetti, D. Stello, K. Strassmeier, M. Švanda, Gy. M. Szabó, A. Tkachenko, D. Valencia, V. Van Grootel, S. Vauclair, P. Ventura, F. W. Wagner, N. A. Walton, J. Weingrill, S. C. Werner, P. J. Wheatley, K. Zwintz, 2014,
The PLATO 2.0 Mission,
Experimental Astronomy, 38, 249-330