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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto

Jarle Brinchmann


Lastest publications at CAUP/IA
Euclid Collaboration, H. Bretonnière, U. Kuchner, M. Huertas-Company, E. Merlin, M. Castellano, D. Tuccillo, F. Buitrago, C. J. Conselice, A. Boucaud et al. (including: J. Brinchmann, A. C. da Silva, J. Dinis, I. Tereno, C. S. Carvalho), 2023,
Euclid preparation. XXVI. The Euclid Morphology Challenge: Towards structural parameters for billions of galaxies,
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 671, 29
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D. Camarena, V. Marra, Z. Sakr, S. Nesseris, A. C. da Silva, J. Garcia-Bellido, P. Fleury, L. Lombriser, M. Martinelli, C. J. A. P. Martins et al. (including: J. P. Mimoso, J. Brinchmann, I. Tereno), 2023,
Euclid: Testing the Copernican principle with next-generation surveys,
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 671, 15
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G. Micheva, M. M. Roth, P. M. Weilbacher, C. Morisset, N. Castro, A. Monreal Ibero, A. A. Soemitro, M. V. Maseda, M. Steinmetz, J. Brinchmann, 2022,
MUSE crowded field 3D spectroscopy in NGC 300. III. Characterizing extremely faint HII regions and diffuse ionized gas,
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 668, 24
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S. Contarini, G. Verza, A. Pisani, N. Hamaus, M. Sahlén, C. Carbone, S. Dusini, F. Marulli, L. Moscardini, A. Renzi et al. (including: J. Brinchmann, A. C. da Silva, I. Tereno), 2022,
Euclid: Cosmological forecasts from the void size function,
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 667, 20
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M. Mingozzi, B. L. James, K. Z. Arellano-Córdova, D. A. Berg, P. Senchyna, J. Chisholm, J. Brinchmann, A. Aloisi, R. O. Amorín, S. Charlot, 2022,
CLASSY IV. Exploring UV Diagnostics of the Interstellar Medium in Local High-z Analogs at the Dawn of the JWST Era,
The Astrophysical Journal, 939
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S. E. van Mierlo, K. Caputi, M. L. N. Ashby, H. Atek, M. Bolzonella, R. A. A. Bowler, G. Brammer, C. J. Conselice, J.-G. Cuby, P. Dayal et al. (including: A. Humphrey, J. Brinchmann, A. C. da Silva, I. Tereno, C. S. Carvalho), 2022,
Euclid preparation. XXI. Intermediate-redshift contaminants in the search for z > 6 galaxies within the Euclid Deep Survey,
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 666, 27
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