Cosmology discussion groups

Objective: CAUP's Cosmology discussion group and journal club involving mainly researchers and students from CAUP and DFA of the University of Porto.

List of frequent speakers 2011-2012:
  • Pedro Avelino
  • Orfeu Bertolami
  • António da Silva 
  • Carlos Martins
  • David Oliveira
  • Elsa Patrícia Ramos
  • Arlindo Trindade
  • Pedro Viana
Place: CAUP or DFA meeting rooms (depending on announcement)

Day and hour: Thursdays at 15h00

Periodicity: One regular meeting per month (scheduled for the 1st or 3rd week). Extra meetings (involving visitors and non-frequent speakers) will be scheduled preferably for the 3rd or 1st week of each month.

Mailing list / coordinator: cosmo_club at / António da Silva

Primordial CMB temperature anisotropies (WMAP)

LSS distribution of dark matter (simulation by A. da Silva 2008)
Schedule 2011/12:

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