Andrew Humphrey

Senior Researcher / Marie Curie Fellow

CAUP Galaxies Journal CLub

Supernovae and their host galaxies in the SDSS DR8. I. The database and statistics

The CAUP Galaxies journal club meets twice monthly, usually on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Club members are each allocated a session to present a recent preprint/paper of their choice (not necessarily authored themselves). A laptop and projector are available for this. Other attendees can also bring recent interesting articles for discussion.

Date: Thursdays no. 2 & 4 of each month (normally)


Time: 11:00-12:00

Allocated speakers 2012

XCS: XMM Cluster Survey project (

Thursday 26 January:  Polychronis Papaderos

Thursday 9 February:  Pedro T. P. Viana

Thursday 23 February:  Vardan Adibekyan

Contact: Andrew Humphrey

Email: ajh@


PLACE: 2nd floor caup Seminar room

Thursday 8 March:  Andrew Humphrey

Thursday 12 April: Jean Michel Gomes

Thursday 26 April:  Bruno Ribeiro

Thursday 10 May:  Patricio Lagos

Thursday 24 May:  Andrew Humphrey

Thursday 14 June:  Polychronis Papaderos

Thursday 12 July:  Mercedes Filho

Title: Galaxies as drivers of the cosmic reionization - a search for local analogues


Wednesday 18 January:  Professor Nils Bergvall

Thursday 28 June:  Catarina Lobo