Asteroseismology of A to F-type Stars Using Satellite Data: δ Scuti Pulsators

Antonio García Hernández

δ Scuti are main-sequence intermediate-mass stars. They form part of the group known as classical pulsators, because they were discovered in the early years of Astronomy. However, due to some characteristics in their pulsating behaviour, they are not well understood yet (above all, compared to the solar type stars). δ Scuti stars are interesting objectives of study. Their range of masses makes them suitable laboratories for understanding several processes of the internal structure during the stellar evolution. On the other hand, the increasing on the discovering of A to F-type stars harbouring planets enhances the interest in obtaining a good characterization of the system.
As I will show you, the asteroseismology study of satellite data could help us to achieve these objectives. However, life is not so easy…

30 maio 2012, 13:30

Centro de Astrofísica
Rua das Estrelas
4150-762 Porto