Openning Session Openning Session
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Press Conference Press Release
Session III: Towards the characterization of Exo - Earths
Exoplanet Atmospheres: From Discovery to Characterization and Beyond
S. Seager (Invited Review)
Combining optical and infrared secondary eclipse measurements
J. Christiansen
Atmosphere detection via transits
D. Deming (Invited Talk)
Characterizing the atmospheres of transiting rocky planets within the habitable zone
E. Pallé
Alien Maps of an Ocean-Bearing World
N. B. Cowan<
Extrasolar Terrestrial Planet Characterization: Searching for Signs of Habitability and Life
V. Meadows / S. Seager (Invited Talk)
Atmospheric Detection via Space-Based Direct Imaging
W. Traub (Invited Talk)
Search for Chiral Signatures in the Earthshine
M. Sterzik
Polarimetry and spectral imaging of mature Jupiter and Super-Earth planets: SEE-COAST
R. Galicher
The ExoPlanet Roadmap Advisory Team (EPRAT)
A. Hatzes (Invited Talk)
Blue Dots
V. Coudé du Foresto (Invited Talk)
Concluding remarks
S. Seager / S. Udry (Invited Talk)