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Session II: Astrophysical and Technical challenges and solutions towards the detection of other Earths
ELT instrumentation for Earth like planet searches
M. Kissler-Patig (Invited Review)
Demonstrations of High-Contrast Phase Mask Coronagraphy in the ExAO Regime at Palomar
E. Serabyn
Technical limitations and solutions for cm/s RV precision
F. Pepe (Invited Review)
Detectability of Earth mass planets with RV technics around Sun-like stars
A. M. Lagrange
Wavelength calibration using the laser comb
L. Pasquini (Invited Talk)
Stellar activity and radial-velocities
N. C. Santos (Invited Talk)
Detecting radial velocity variations in M dwarfs at infrared wavelengths: Achievable precision and the influence of starspots
A. Reiners
Limitations imposed by low-amplitude stellar oscillations, granulation and activity
H. Kjeldsen (Invited Talk)
Limitations imposed by oscillations, granulations and activity mu - arcsec astrometry
U. Eriksson (Invited Talk)
Impact of Multiple-Planet Systems on Exoplanet Searches
E. B. Ford (Invited Talk)
Dynamics of Multi-Planet Extra-Solar Systems
A. Correia
Ground - based Detection of Habitable Worlds: The Small Star Opportunity
D. Charbonneau (Invited Talk)
NASA's Kepler Mission
D. Latham (Invited Talk)
Detection and follow - up of Earth - size exoplanet transiting candidates: Strategy, traps and results of the CoRoT mission
F. Bouchy / G. Hebrard (Invited Talk)
Confirmation of transiting Super-Earth detections using Spitzer
F. Fressin
Telluric planet detection in the presence of stellar activity: lessons from CoRoT
The State of Transit Timing Variations
J. Steffen (Invited Talk)
Prospects of the Detection of Terrestrial Planets and Super-Earths via Transit Timing Variation Method
N. Haghighipour
Theoretical limits for direct imaging
C. Cavarroc (Invited Talk)
Direct Imaging of Earth- and Jupiter- like planets in the thermal regime with ELTs
E. Pantin (Invited Talk)
Telling exoplanets from speckles on ELTs
S. Gladysz
Comparison of coronagraph for high-contrast imaging in the context of extremely large telescopes
P. Martinez
The Self Coherent Camera: a new instrument for direct detection of exoplanets on an ELT
M. Mas
EPICS, the exoplanet imager for the E-ELT
M. Kasper / C. Verinaud
Imaging polarimetry of extra-solar planets with the VLT and the E-ELT
H. M. Schmid
HARMONI, the adaptive optics assisted optical and near-infrared integral field spectrograph for the E-ELT and its application for exoplanet research
M. Tecza / F. Clarke
High Contrast Observations with Slicer Based Integral Field Spectrographs
G. Salter