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Stellar evolution models with the MESA code

Antonio García Hernández, João P. S. Faria

Note that these will be hands-on classes, so you'll need to bring along your laptop.

Sessão 1: Installing and running MESA: modelling the Sun
26 março 2014
Sessão 2: Managing MESA: two other examples, 16 Cyg-A (solar-type star) and FG Vir (δ Scuti star)
27 março 2014

We will discuss and practice these points among others:

  • Starting from ZAMS or pre-MS
  • Stopping conditions
  • Showing and saving default plots
  • Selecting and working with the outputs
  • Computing pulsating frequencies with ADIPLS and Gyre (if we have time)

Sessão 3: Red-handed: “Tuning” the inlist file (input of MESA) and modifying the code
28 março 2014

Some of the topics that will be treated are:

  • Including custom stopping conditions
  • Creating your own plotting panel
  • Including new info in the output files (history files)
  • Running Gyre without stopping MESA
  • Fixing the time-step and other small stuffs