CESAM Grid [A] - Stellar Evolution

2007©MJM | 2007-03-31

The evolutionary sequences are provided for different stellar masses in the following directories;

   Evolutionary sequences for Grid A   

These are the files

for each stellar mass (as set by the name of the directory). Each "hr_xxx.dat" file contains the following data:

Column Data Description
1 M/Msun Stellar mass
2 log(L/Lsun) Stellar luminosity
3 Log(Teff) Effective temperature
4 R/Rsun Stellar radius
5 t Age in Myrs
6 Xc Central Hydrogen abundance
7 log(g) Surface gravity in CGS
8 Nbd Number of convective borders/transitions
9 Type Type of the transitions counting from the centre (and ordered as first-...-last for units-tenths-hundreds-thousands):
   "1" - from RAD to CONV (start of CZ)
   "2" - from CONV to RAD (end of CZ)
10 -- 10+Nbd r_c/R Location in radius of each transition


An IDL procedure is also available for producing the HR Diagram with the grid provided. The Plots produced with this procedure are given below (only models with ages above 1 My are shown).

The mass (in units of solar mass) is indicated by the number near each evolutionary track.

For downloading specific models and/or frequencies please go to the other pages.