Pedro P. Avelino

Professor auxiliar,
Departamento de Física e Astronomia, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto

+351 226 089 843



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Biographic notes
Pedro P. Avelino graduated in Physics/Applied Mathematics from the University of Porto in 1991, did his MSc degree in astronomy at Sussex University (UK) in 1992 and completed his PhD in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University (UK) in 1996. Pedro P. Avelino published over 100 papers in international peer review journals in international high impact journals and completed the supervision several postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and MSc students.

Current research interests include:
  1. evolution and cosmological consequences of p-brane networks
  2. observational tests of cosmological models (type Ia supernovae, large scale structure, quasars, cosmic microwave background temperature and polarisation anisotropies, primordial nucleosynthesis and gravitational waves)
  3. dark matter and dark energy
  4. varying fundamental couplings
  5. modified gravity
  6. reionisation history of the Universe
  7. inflationary models
  8. primordial black holes
  9. mass inflation inside black holes
  10. interface dynamics in condensed matter and biology.
Lastest CAUP publications
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